New lease of life on offer from NSM Music

09/08/2017 | No comments

NSM Music has announced an enhanced conversion and upgrade for the Sound Leisure MIM and V Hub 32” models.

“Initially we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits,” says NSM Music Sales Manager Alex Kirby. “But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC.

Alex says that upgrading means users receive NSM Music updates at the most affordable rate and content increases to 40,000 tracks offline and 200,000+ online.

“With regular innovations and new products and services, we’re setting the pace for jukebox development in the UK,” he adds.

“This includes the launch of a jukebox app, contactless payment, enhanced user interfaces – and there’s more to be announced at the EAG in January.

The MIM model will run on icon2 software and the V Hub 32” will run on the latest NSM touch and slide user interface. Installing a new PC carries a one-year warranty.

“But if operators would rather part exchange Sound Leisure jukeboxes, perhaps on our easy payment terms plan, we’re the company where there’s no cashbox share.”

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All Hail! King of Games Hits 10k in the UK

08/08/2017 | No comments

Blueprint Machines’ digital Category C Compendium has been crowned market leader, with 75% of the UK pub sector market share.

With 10,000 King of Games now on site, there can be no doubt that the Gauselmann subsidiary reigns supremen in converting the UK retail sector to the benefits of digital.

“Despite our significant market share, we are not willing to rest on our laurels, as we are aware that there are others who are following in our wake,” says Simon Barff, Managing Director Blueprint Machines.

“We are releasing a new menu for King of Games at the ACOS show this Autumn, which we anticipate will increase revenues still further. Our position as the UK’s favourite digital Cat C compendium comes from the considerable investment in R&D and hard work analyzing the data that comes in from the huge number of machines on site. Operators are not just buying a cabinet and games, they are investing in the games design might of the Gauselmann group and the unique player data, that only a company with this number of online connected games on site can lay claim to.”

Some of the UK’s top operators such as Bob Rudd, Essex Leisure and Mecca have confirmed significant orders for King of Games during 2017 so far.

The reasons for the success of King of Games include the player recognition and acceptance of the game content due to cross channel presence online, in LBOs, AGC, Bingo Cat C, B3 and on analogue Category C machines.

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Essex Leisure backs Playdium in numbers

07/08/2017 | No comments

TouchTunes’ Playdium, recognised as the UK’s No.1 earning pay-to-play music product, has received a further accolade, with prominent IOA member Essex Leisure scheduling a significant programme of installations. This commitment follows trials with leading pub retailers and the introduction by TouchTunes of progressive commercial terms including the removal of fixed music costs in favour of a performance-based commercial model.

Essex Leisure’s Greg Wood, a long-time advocate of technology driven pay-to-play leisure equipment, is delighted to be at the forefront of the modernisation of the jukebox sector. He explained: “There is no doubt that Playdium is the most advanced and user-friendly jukebox on the market. Its extensive features and capabilities, not least the roll-out and evolution of its player-facing mobile App, make it the jukebox not only for today’s consumer but also for the consumer of tomorrow. We are excited about the opportunity to rejuvenate the jukebox sector and delighted to be sharing the journey with the TouchTunes team.”

Essex Leisure is among a growing number of operators to have recognised the commercial opportunities offered by Playdium. “This partnership is not only great news for Essex Leisure” added Wood, “it is also encouraging to see so many of our operating colleagues investing in what is a game changing product. The jukebox sector has been searching for a shot in the arm and I am confident that Playdium is the initiative that can change the dynamic and demonstrate the important role that music can play across a range of venues.”

Commenting on behalf of TouchTunes, Commercial Director Europe Nick Hardy added: “We have been working with Greg and the Essex Leisure team for a long time, as we have with the other IOA members and a range of large and small operators throughout the country. Playdium’s qualities and capabilities have never been an issue but the TouchTunes team in the UK has had to work extremely hard to identify commercial models that our operating partners can welcome. In this context, the widespread support we are now receiving is great news for us, for them and for the numerous retailers who have been waiting so long for a jukebox product that can break out of the pack and make a real difference to their businesses.”

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Elementary Dear Watson! Shewlock Holmes Gets Full Retailer Approvals

26/07/2017 | 1 comment

Gauselmann subsidiary, Betcom, continues its run of success with full retailer approvals for its latest analogue Category C model Shrewlock Holmes.

This follows last month’s announcement that Jackpot Jaws also achieved a clean sweep of approvals.

“Betcom has become a force to be reckoned with in the analogue sector,” says Betcom Managing Director Simon McCarthy. “In recent weeks, we have released Immortal 300, Jackpot Jaws and now Shrewlock Holmes, all to great industry acclaim. We have a number of other titles in the pipeline, which are shaping up to continue this trend for success. We look forward to consolidating our position at the upcoming ACOS show in October.”

Shrewlock Holmes is available exclusively through Betcom distributor PWS, where it can be purchased as a new build, rebuild or door kit.

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Political pressure increases to cut FOBT stake

26/07/2017 | 1 comment

The Fixed Odds Betting Terminals (FOBT) All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), has staged a photo opportunity at Portcullis House with MPs drawn from across the political spectrum invited to show their support for the ‘Cut the stake. Reduce FOBT Harm’ campaign. MPs were invited to have their photographs taken alongside posters which have been designed to demonstrate the continued cross party political will for a lowering of the stake. One of the branded backdrops represented the amounts lost on FOBTs by geographical region, with London featuring a loss of £497m in 2015/16. Images and content from the photo shoot are being used through social and regional media to continue the political momentum as parliament enters summer recess.

John White, bacta Chief Executive, believes the latest initiative from the All Party Parliamentary Group underlines the level of cross party support which exists to cut the FOBT stake. He said: “Bacta is an associate member of the All Party Parliamentary Group, alongside supporting organisations representing bingo, pub, adult gaming centres, coastal amusements, councils and the Royal Society for Public Health - all of which share concerns about the social implications of FOBTs. It’s essential that this issue remains firmly on the radar and that government recognises there is deeply held cross party support for a significant reduction in the FOBT stake.”

In January the APPG published a Parliamentary Report into Fixed Odds Betting Terminals based on the findings of a six month inquiry which took evidence from, among others, academics, problem gamblers, campaign groups, local authorities, industry experts, Gambling Minister Tracey Crouch, Sarah Harrison, Chief Executive of the Gambling Commission, Chris Kelly, Chair of the Responsible Strategy Gambling Board, Kate Lampard, Chair of Gamble Aware.

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Reflex continues upward momentum with BetVictor business win

24/07/2017 | 1 comment

Reflex Gaming has announced its second major business win of the year, concluding an international games deal with BetVictor. Under the terms of the agreement, BetVictor will take the portfolio of Reflex games across their entire international business. The BetVictor distribution agreement is the second step in Reflex Gaming’s online development strategy and follows the contract with William Hill, which was signed at February’s ICE exhibition. Reflex has also confirmed that it is on poised to announce additional business wins with Tier 1 operators in Q3 of 2017.

Former Inspired senior executive Mat Ingram, who was appointed Chief Product Officer at Reflex in July 2016, is pleased with the progress that’s being made and the positive response from the market. “Reflex entered the digital space with a fantastic reputation for creative game content earned in bricks and mortar gaming but as relative online unknowns” he said. “We took the lessons learned at ICE 2016, invested in our infrastructure, invested in the team, signed a RGS deal with Gameiom and have now secured two significant contracts with bluechip, highly respected organisations. Some of the games have been designed specifically for BetVictor and will be exclusive to them. All games in the portfolio have been fully localised to BetVictor’s international requirements and are available on desktop, mobile and tablet.” 

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Gambling Commission publishes Annual Report and Accounts

24/07/2017 | No comments

The Gambling Commission’s Annual Report and Accounts 2016/17looks back at performance and progress by the organisation over the last financial year.

Strong themes for the Commission have been empowering and protecting consumers, and continuing to raise standards across all gambling sectors. Other key focus areas have been around building partnerships and understanding across industry, government and other regulators, ensuring fair play on the National Lottery and improving regulation.

Highlights include:

  • launch of a strategy to improve consumer engagement
  • setting the social responsibility agenda with the boards of operators through the introduction of assurance statements
  • joining forces with regulatory partners such as the Competitions and Markets Authority and Advertising Standards Authority, to take action against unfair and misleading practices by online operators
  • revising the Commission’s approach to enforcement, enabling use of the full range of powers to drive up standards across the industry
  • a clear focus on Camelot’s performance in protecting the integrity of the National Lottery and ensuring contributions to good causes in the UK are maximised.


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ECB Approval for ITL’s Note Validator Range

18/07/2017 | No comments

Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) are pleased to announce independent approval from the European Central Bank (ECB) for their note validator (NV) range. The ECB authenticate validators that successfully recognise the difference between genuine and counterfeit Euro banknotes. ITL’s NV9 USB+, NV10 USB+, NV200 and new NV200 Spectral all received a 100% pass rate during testing last month at De Nederlandsche Bank in Amsterdam.

Damian Roach, Test Currency Engineer, conducted the test in Amsterdam, “Once again, we are proud to have passed the ECB’s strict testing process. The test results independently acknowledge the reliability of our note validator range for their ability to identify genuine Euro banknotes and reject counterfeits. Products were tested with the latest version of our SPF™ technology and passed 100%. We are constantly developing our global currency dataset files, adding new issue notes and known frauds, to ensure we maintain our leading acceptance rates across our note validator range.”

The test results are published to help manufactures choose the counterfeit detection equipment most suitable for their needs. The full listing of the test results can be found on the ECB’s website.

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Playnation’s Best Driving Game of 2017

18/07/2017 | No comments

Cruis’n Blast from Raw Thrills continues to dominate the arcade sector earning plaudits from operators proving to be the best new driving game on the market in 2017.

Mark Field, Commercial Director of Playnation has recently ordered more units for summer delivery, commenting, “This is the best new driving game of 2017”.

This follows the testimonial from Will Etherington, Amusement’s Manager of the Hollywood Bowl Group, who said,  “Cruis’n Blast is the strongest driving game of the year, showing a considerable level of income above other titles released this year.”

Cruis’n Blast is the latest in the legendary Cruis’n series of driving games debuted in the ‘90s with the arcade smash Cruis’n USA. Cruis’n Blast, takes Cruis’n into the new millennium as players zoom 200 mph through the bustle of London, blast through the exotic wonders of Madagascar, celebrate Carnival in Rio, amaze to the hi tech splendour of Singapore, and drive an earth-shaking thriller through Death Valley which can be viewed on a brand new 43” LCD monitor.

“Raw Thrills / Play Mechanix games not only have the wow-factor in the way they look, the cabinet is revolutionary.  They also perform on site in terms of revenue for the operators and also enjoyment for the players,” says James Anderson, Sales & Commercial Director, BNAE.

“Cruis’n Blast is no exception – it has proven to be one of our best-selling titles of this season and figures from our Hollywood Bowl site show it has accelerated past all other new driving titles released this year. This is in line with the results we are seeing throughout Europe and the Middle East and the feedback we are hearing from other global markets like in the USA.  We had some initial supply issues from Raw Thrills as demand was so intense but now the situation is improving and stock is arriving all of the time. However, we urge customers to order now as there are still limited allocations available.”

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Ivor Thomas says a thank you for 40 years

15/07/2017 | No comments

Three hundred licensees enjoyed an entertaining day out, hosted by Ramsgate-based Ivor Thomas Amusements at The Arch Bar in Ramsgate harbour. It was a celebration for 40 years in business and an opportunity to thank their team, suppliers and customers for their support, some of who have traded with the company for 40 years.

Wine tasting by Andrews and beer tasting by Firkin Ales and a sail around the harbour helped give the licensees a day out to remember.

Ivor Thomas showcased their latest fruit machines and new range of ancillary products including glasswashers and icemakers. Top score on the Batman Pinball was won by a customer from Cinque Ports, Robin Dawson, who won a keg of beer kindly donated by Furkin Ales.

The day wouldn’t have be complete without a charity teddy bear raffle which was won by Ross from The Bat and Ball Gravesend, who donate it to the Children’s ward at Darent Valley Hospital. The raffle raised £465.00 and will be donated to Pilgrims Hospices for their valued contribution to the local community.

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