Fixed-odds betting terminals still a target


UK chancellor Phillip Hammond (pictured) may still include fixed-odds betting terminals in the upcoming announcements on stakes and prizes in gambling machines.

The Times writes that the earlier claims that the Treasury had stepped back from any ideas on cutting stakes were now being reviewed.

FOBTs could have their stakes reduced to £2, the same as AWPs in pubs, if the authorities give way to pressure groups. In August a review of stakes and prizes was put back to October amid rumours that the Treasury was against change because it collects tax on revenues from machines.

However, it has emerged that Hammond has written to a church bishop that had urged a quick review, and that the chancellor still backed moves to clamp down on the machines.

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Great News, the association should insist on a maximum 2.00 stake, the industry needs to start demanding a leval playing field so the street operators can compete with the bookmakers, who are no longer making a book, they are now getting income that is a guaranteed winner every time

Freddy Bailey
06/09/2017, 17:01

Would it not be better to be £5 a spin with a £1000 jackpot in AGC & Bookmakers giving a level playing field and a better incentive to play

Dennis Brooks
07/09/2017, 10:13

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