Buyer of the 2,000th Aurora will get one FREE!


Blueprint Machines are celebrating the phenomenal success of its ground-breaking Aurora cabinet with an offer like no other!

Within the next three or four weeks, the company estimates that the 2000th Aurora cabinet will be purchased in the UK, and when that happens, the buyer will be in for a very pleasant surprise.

“We thought we would award a free machine as a thank you and make the announcement at the ACOS Show, at Chelsea football ground in October,” says Simon Barff, Managing Director at Blueprint Machines. “The cabinet was officially launched at ICE 2015, with the first machines hitting the market in the late spring of that year. The majority have been supplied as B3 but due to the presence the cabinet affords within venue, a large number of customers have also pushed the boat out and taken it for our Cat C Community Cash Vault,” he adds.

The Aurora cabinet is the result of classic German engineering with a scientifically ergonomic design. It features an enhanced sound system and the highest quality twin 27inch monitors. It is fully TiTo or cash compatible. Customers can buy the Aurora with the market-leading B3 Carbon gamepack or with the Titan Hot or Community Cash Vault gamepacks for Category C.

For more details about the Aurora and the free machine offer, contact UK Gaming solutions details for contact UK Gaming Solutions Ltd on Tel: 01765 607700.


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This looks like dogsh*te.

Gary Cashpot
07/09/2017, 13:38

Hi there

I have noticed that your comments named Gary Cashpot are from several email addresses and are often critical of the products and stories put on the site.
I am happy for you to make informed criiticisms of specific products when you back this up with a reasoned argument. However, if the readers just see constant criticism from someone with your name they will just think you are trolling the site.
Therefore, I suggest that when you comment, you consider whether your reasons are fair, keep the language and tone reasonable and back up your opinions.
Otherwise, I wll have to stop accepting your comments which would be a shame


Coin-Op Community
07/09/2017, 15:59

Gary cashpot is only trying to voice his point across of how terrible the industry is getting and that us the players are getting ripped off continually by bad programming / notes being robbed / coin alarms / machines just shutting down and no new games just same old rubbish different name

You might find his comments will improve if the industry improves

Pro player
07/09/2017, 21:03

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