NSM Stronger Than Ever After AMI Acquisition


Increased jukebox sales, conversions and upgrades, and the ground-breaking introduction of cashless payment is creating another record year for Leeds-based NSM Music.

‘We promised, when we were acquired by music and video entertainment market leader AMI Entertainment Network at the start of the year, that it would pave the way for exciting new products and services for our customers, and that the day-to-day operations of NSM Music would not change,” said Martin Agabeg, NSM Music’s General Manager.

“The fact is that we’ve achieved more than we planned in the last six months, and there’s more to come. We really have felt a massive difference in sales this year”

“There’s never been a better time for operators to update their aging equipment and keep up with all the developments in new technology.

“We’re making upgrades possible and new jukeboxes affordable, with competitive pricing and payment plans. Enhancements, such as contactless payment, are being welcomed by the industry,” added Martin.

NSM Music confirmed there are more announcements to come around product improvements in the run up to the Autumn Coin Op Show in October and January’s EAG event.

“Rumours, which are totally unfounded, sometimes circulate in any industry – it was suggested by some that AMI’s takeover would mean an end to the NSM Music brand in the UK and, indeed, Europe. “This couldn’t be further from the truth and these are exciting times to be an NSM Music customer and someone who enjoys using our jukeboxes.

“We’ve continuously broken new ground over seven decades. We’re pioneers and that’s why we’re committed to investing in continuous improvements in products and services for all our customers and the end-user,” said Martin.

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