All Hail! King of Games Hits 10k in the UK


Blueprint Machines’ digital Category C Compendium has been crowned market leader, with 75% of the UK pub sector market share.

With 10,000 King of Games now on site, there can be no doubt that the Gauselmann subsidiary reigns supremen in converting the UK retail sector to the benefits of digital.

“Despite our significant market share, we are not willing to rest on our laurels, as we are aware that there are others who are following in our wake,” says Simon Barff, Managing Director Blueprint Machines.

“We are releasing a new menu for King of Games at the ACOS show this Autumn, which we anticipate will increase revenues still further. Our position as the UK’s favourite digital Cat C compendium comes from the considerable investment in R&D and hard work analyzing the data that comes in from the huge number of machines on site. Operators are not just buying a cabinet and games, they are investing in the games design might of the Gauselmann group and the unique player data, that only a company with this number of online connected games on site can lay claim to.”

Some of the UK’s top operators such as Bob Rudd, Essex Leisure and Mecca have confirmed significant orders for King of Games during 2017 so far.

The reasons for the success of King of Games include the player recognition and acceptance of the game content due to cross channel presence online, in LBOs, AGC, Bingo Cat C, B3 and on analogue Category C machines.

“Our game menus provide a unique balance of random and controlled games with higher RTP (return to player) delivery to enhance player attraction,” says Nicola Wallbank, Blueprint Machines’ Content Test Manager. “We offer the player more choice with slots style and more traditional types of games. Industry performance tables have shown that the performance on King of Games is higher than the competition – even with a greater return to the player.

“Our compendium is designed to return to player at a level which is at least six per cent higher than the average, yet despite this the revenue has increased across a significant number of machines on site within the pub sector. We can confirm that we are attracting new players to the machine, who are drawn by the quality and variety of the product mix,” adds Simon Barff.

King of Games is furnished with a range of game styles, from traditional hi-tech titles, through to slot-style games. The figures show that around 80 per cent of all plays on King of Games is on the slot games with the other 20 per cent on the traditional hi tech offer from our sister company Betcom. There are a variety of menu choices from 9 to 32 games.

“We do a lot of cross fertilization of game styles, so players on our platform will recognize titles that they will have seen before at the AGC, bookies or online,” adds Simon. “We believe this is a significant and unique factor in attracting new pub players, as people see a title that they recognize. When you factor in that the games we choose are best in class within each sector before we convert them, then you can see why we are attracting more players and growing the VTP and overall venue income.”

“Our evidence shows that players are also moving around the compendium to take winnings from one game to play on an alternative. This would not happen on a standalone AWP. We can only deduce that what we are seeing is a satisfactory player experience leading to more of them. We are now therefore challenging the reality, where only 2 per cent of all people visiting a pub plays the machine, then this has got to be the Holy Grail that we have all been seeking,” adds Nicola Wallbank..

Development of game content is ongoing in house, with Blueprint Machines benefitting from the ongoing in-house game development from Blueprint Gaming, Betcom and ADP Gauselmann and third party developments to ensure that content is best in class.



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