Barry Island Pleasure Park Owner In Trouble with Planners


The owner of Barry Island Pleasure Park, Harry Danter has fallen foul of council planners in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Mr Danter, who bought the run-down site in 2015 has been accused of demolishing part of the perimeter wall and building an extension without the proper planning permission.

But Mr Danter said he believes he was operating within Amusement Association rules.

A report, to go to before the council states the building has a “run-down appearance” and does not have a “high quality finish”. It adds that the building doesn’t “contribute positively” to the character of the street or the surrounding conservation area.

The report concludes: “The unauthorised extension to the arcade building is considered to be of a poor design and quality that harms the visual amenities of the street scene and wider Barry Marine Conservation Area.“It is considered expedient to pursue action requiring the removal of the building and restoration of the perimeter wall.”

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I’m missing something here – since when does ‘Amusement Association rules’ have the slightest thing to do with circumventing planning regulations?
……….nice try………..

retired operator
14/06/2017, 17:46

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