Gamestec to grow iPub estate to more than 5,000 units


National operator Gamestec is preparing to roll out a further 1,750 of its ground-breaking iPub2 digital gaming terminals, swelling its combined digital iPub and iPub2 estate to more than 5,000 units across the UK. The move, according to Sales and Marketing Director Lee Jefferson, is being undertaken to fulfil increased demand from Gamestec’s key customers and reflects growing adoption of the iPub brand among the pub player base.

Breaking down the figures, Jefferson explained: “The current iPub2 estate stands at 1,650 units and is growing daily. Due to the success of iPub2 we have agreed to purchase a further 1,750 which will be rolled out over the coming months. These now join our existing 1,600-strong iPub estate, giving us an overall density of more than 5,000 digital terminals across the Gamestec Playnation Group business.”

Demand, says Jefferson, has been stoked by greater player recognition of the iPub brand allied to vastly improved content which is now subject to much more effective management and release schedules. Specifically, there has been a significant investment in getting branded games onto iPub2. “We’re releasing an additional seven games,” he revealed, “of which four will be branded Batman games and the remaining three a mix of premium Astra and Bell-Fruit titles.”

He added: “iPub 2 now represents a highly compelling digital product offer. We have a great looking terminal supported by sublime content and this is driving cash box levels higher. It’s reflective of the kind of experience that players are seeking to engage with.”

In Jefferson’s view the player adoption curve has certainly accelerated in the last six months and that, he says, is consistent across all Gamestec’s retail customers. “We are at a point of sitting down with our customers and looking at the next phase of the digital strategy”. We’re assessing what the balance of digital roll out will look like post the 5,000+ iPub estate which we’ll arrive at very soon.”

Operators of the original iPub model will also be seeing some product enhancement come their way. “On our existing iPub estate we are investing in solid state drive upgrades so as to be be able to offer a wider selection of premium content,” he said. “Not only are we committed to driving significant levels of investment in iPub2, we’re also ensuring that the existing iPub estate can benefit and doesn’t get left behind and in doing this believe we are the only operator to be able to offer a tiered digital product offer and strategy.”

Speaking more broadly about the digital gaming experience, and the relevance of iPub2, Jefferson outlined: “Digital is now the product of choice for players. We know that because they engage in and are eminently comfortable with digital gaming experiences in other sectors. Our approach here at Gamestec is to build a compelling digital offer that reflects those experiences, whether they be mobile, online or standalone, within the pub environment. iPub2 fits that product definition perfectly. Not only does it look better than anything else out there, it now has the kind of premium, best of breed content that players clearly demand.”

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