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Lucky Ladders 3 Player

POA | New | 18/04/2016

Empire’s Lucky Ladders 3 Player (Cash Version) demonstrated by Tony Glanville of RLMS Sales

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Hot Slot Sevens Cat C

POA | New | 18/04/2016

Astra’s Hot Slot Sevens being demonstrated by Tony Glanville from RLMS Sales

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Deal or No Deal Star Prize

£call.00 | New | 13/04/2016

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Ghostbusters Pinball – Stern

POA | New | 08/04/2016

A pinball machine based on Ghostbusters is three decades overdue. According to Stern’s Director of Marketing, Jody Dankberg, the reason it’s happening now is simple, “It’s just a timeless, great movie. It’s somewhat scary for little kids, it’s funny, and it’s [got] iconic lines, quotable lines for days.” And those lines are included in the game’s audio, along with the original theme song, and newly recorded callouts from OG Ghostbuster, Ernie Hudson.

The Ghostbusters pinball experience highlights the humor of the film as the player progresses through the game. The game also includes custom speech by original “Ghostbusters” cast member, Ernie Hudson, who guides the player into becoming the newest member of the Ghostbusters team!

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Skill Ball SWP: Supernova

POA | New | 05/04/2016

Uprated classic is still the one to beat

RLMS Sales has switched the spotlight this week onto a brand new version of the Supernova Games’ classic Skill Ball SWP. This latest incarnation of Skill Ball Deluxe is presented in a stunning new cabinet and combines cutting edge technology with eye-catching graphics as well as great sounding audio to give the players an incredible playing experience. Supernova Games has also made the game more attractive from an operational perspective. There is now an extended warranty on PCs to two years to guarantee operator peace of mind.

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Cops n Robbers Diamond Heist B4

POA | New | 05/04/2016

Fresh feedback gathered by RLMS Sales has provided another strong indicator that Club Cops n Robbers Diamond Heist, Bell-Fruit Games’ latest B4 offering, is continuing to win over a growing number of fans out on site. The latest positive comment comes from Paul Smith at Spin 2 Win, and follows hot on the heels of a glowing verdict recently on the game’s cashbox potential from a venue in Salford operated by Manco Automatics.

In giving his verdict on the latest BFG club, Smith commented: “It makes a refreshing change to have a full cashbox on a new machine like Cops n Robbers Diamond Heist. This is a cracking game – it does the business!”

RLMS Sales Territory Sales Manager Karen Sarosi responded: “Judging by the comments we’ve had from Paul at Spin 2 Win and Manco among others, Bell-Fruit have clearly come up with a winner. It’s true that the cashbox always tells the final story, but it’s also nice to receive praiseworthy observations from our customers and we’ll be delighted to feed that back to the team at Bell-Fruit.”

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Slim Line Cat D helps operators

POA | Used | 05/04/2016

National distributor RLMS Sales is marketing an innovative new product that will enable operators to optimise the number of Cat B3 machines available within their locations without cannibalising existing floor space. The solution is a slim line range of two-reel, Cat D in-fill panel games designed to sit neatly in between traditional size gaming machines. 

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Golden Winner ticks all the right boxes

POA | New | 05/04/2016

RLMS Sales has focused the spotlight this week on Bell-Fruit Games’ visually stunning Golden Winner. The game has been described by the firm’s Territory Sales Manager, Freddie Shreeve, as ‘the most popular selling lo-tech Cat C at EAG 2016’ and is being offered to customers at an ultra-competitive price point of just £2,295.

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Pug Life: G Squared Games

POA | Used | 16/03/2016

Following on from the phenomenal success of Live and Let Pie, which received full retailer approvals, comes Pug Life from G Squared Games. “Pug Life is currently in its early-mid test period and is performing very strongly,” says Chris Truswell, Business Development Manager. “Live and Let Pie is now in full production, so much so that we’ve had to scale up production at our factory to meet the demand.”

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Wild Wild West – Cat C £100

POA | New | 20/01/2016

Game Style

The game has 3 base reels, tic-tac-toe entry, random nudges, hold over trail, fruit win gamble and fruit win exchange. The top game comprises of the Tin Can Alley feature, double wraparound trail and shot zones. The theme of the game is Cowboy -Wild West –use the revolver!

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