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AGCs down 11.1%

POA | Used | 06/07/2016

Almost one-third of the UK’s gambling market is remote or online, according to statistics released by the Gambling Commission.

The figures – collected over the previous year from operators – show that 29 per cent of the gambling market, of £3.6bn is online, but it is showing little change from the previous figures.

The report also shows that £12.6bn is the gross gambling yield in Great Britain, compared with £11.2bn in the previous year. The number of betting shops decreased slightly to 8,809 (8,975 in March of 2015) and the number of adult gaming centres or arcades fell by 11.1 per cent at 1,721 compared with 1,937 in March 2015.

The number of B2 machines, high-stakes gambling machines in bookmakers’ shops, stood at 34,704, with little change from the previous year when it was 34,894, but the yield from the machines rose from £1.68bn to £1.71bn.

Britain had 599 bingo halls, a fall of 10.1 per cent, but yield was up by 4.9 per cent.

by David Snook

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The Icon Lite

POA | New | 06/07/2016

The Icon Lite is the latest in NSM Music’s hugely successful Icon jukebox range to benefit from rapid advances in jukebox technology – as well as meeting rising expectations among customers.

The wall-mounted Lite is elegantly styled in a black metallic casing creating an attractive and affordable product, says NSM Sales Manager Alex Kirby.

“That technology, coupled with its potential for meeting users’ music and entertainment demands, plus its competitive price, make the Lite a heavyweight when it comes to creating strong revenue streams in pubs, clubs, leisure venues and holiday parks.”

The amplifier and power supply have now been amalgamated, contained within one box. This makes installation and replacement quick and easy.

The amplifier design includes digital noise isolation technology for improved sound clarity and a new chipset which provides intelligent protection features to preserve the jukebox, speakers and cabling. Output data is comparable to the older amp.

Its standard features include Karaoke, 150,000+ audio tracks online; a 19″ infra-red touch screen; HDMI and auxiliary inputs/outputs; multi-function remote control (wired / infrared); Internet ready with optional WiFi.

Created in Germany in the 1950s to produce American-style jukeboxes, Leeds-based NSM Music has gained an enviable reputation for combining aesthetics with innovation. NSM Music were the pioneers of the digital jukebox and actually patented the idea of downloading music via a media source as early as the late 1980s. NSM put the world’s very first digital jukebox into a UK pub in 1998.

“Technology is a wonderful thing but we must always remember that modern customers demand style as well. We’ve been responsible for many technology breakthroughs in the jukebox music industry, ranging from state of the art CD changing devices to the most attractive interactive digital jukeboxes today – we’ve also been responsible for some of the most stylish products ever produced. The Icon Lite is undoubtedly another in a long line of stylish jukeboxes,” adds Alex.

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Mega Lotto Xtra

POA | New | 29/06/2016

Storm Gaming Technology has announced the release of Mega Lotto Xtra, its new game software update package for upgrading any of its existing Category B3A lottery machines.

This new package features 11 games, including both 20-line slots and new scratch card games and is available to operators from just £399.00 plus VAT. Those operators wishing to join the Storm Gaming Technology family, or extend their existing estates, can order complete Mega Lotto Xtra machines from just £2,195.00 plus VAT.

Full details of the game content and specifications are available by contacting Business Development Manager, James Murray.

Paul Rothwell, Product Director, commented: “It has been over 12 months since Storm released the hugely popular Category B3A Mega Lotto and Multi Lotto products and the Mega Lotto Xtra package provides operators a brand new option to upgrade their existing products with more 20-line slots and the opportunity for players to experience our new touchscreen scratch card lottery games”

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ITL introduces NV10 USB+

POA | Used | 21/06/2016

ITL is pleased to announce the launch of the NV10 USB+, a next generation compact note validator that has evolved from the popular NV10 USB. The NV10 USB+ aims to improve on the high quality of the current generation and combines a compact, stackerless design with proven field reliability.

The NV10 USB+ is ideal for operators that are faced with space constraints due to its aforementioned compact size, which means it can be fitted into most machines. The unit is perfectly suited for amusement and vending applications due to its size and its ability to accept over 100 different world currencies.

Andy Bullock, Business Development Manager said “We are expecting to have similar success with the NV10 USB+ as we had with the launch of the NV9 USB+. The new units include enhanced sensing technology and will now be future proof against any threats that may occur over the products life cycle. Furthermore, the additional sensors will allow further improvements to security, reliability and overall performance moving forward.”

Although, the technology has been updated inside the unit, the NV10 USB+ retains identical external dimensions to the NV10 USB, therefore no modifications will be required on existing machines using the NV10 USB.

Find out more about the NV10 USB+ on ITL’s product page here.

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Justice League of America 4 Player

POA | New | 15/06/2016

The Justice League of America 4 Player Wall pusher  is without doubt one of  the most eagerly awaited machines of all time! This fantastic new ticket payout, non- flipper wall pusher boasts outstanding test figures compared to round and straight pushers on the market. In comparison to other wall pushers . Not only does it have the new and improved community bonus feature, but to bring you an increase in revenue, the Justice League wall pusher has a centre lose hole! The fast-feed low coin entry also means that there is a much lower risk of coin jams and therefore much lower maintenance is needed in comparison to the traditional flipper wall pushers. With many more Justice League films to be released over the next 5 years, including one in August this year, this machine promises to get a boost with every film release.

Join our League and call us now on 0117 9382552 - This machine is a must have for all FEC’s this summer season!


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Spotlight on Hot Slot Sevens

POA | Used | 08/06/2016

Hot Slot Sevens, the stunning new Cat C Community Digital Multi Player offering from Astra Games, is being highlighted by national distributor RLMS Sales as one of the brightest products currently on the market. With its contemporary appearance and colourful, eye-catching aesthetics, Hot Slot Sevens offers buyers an opportunity to add a real alternative into their venues product mix, it makes for a phenomenal arcade and bingo centrepiece that gives venues a point of difference over other high street gaming premises.

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Electrocoin to Show Spongebob’s Pineapple Arcade at Open Day

POA | Used | 25/05/2016

Electrocoin is proud to add Spongebob Squarepants Pineapple Arcade to its fantastic line-up of games which will be shown at the Park Avenue Open Day.

In a beautifully styled cabinet, this tokens and arcades pusher features collectible cards around the playfield with the player having to try to knock the cards off the tray. Players must skilfully time the release of a token through moving targets to drop tokens, win free plays, bonus tokens and score cards that fall over the edge. There are 9 collectible cards that feature the world famous characters. The players can trade the cards for tickets or hold them until they collect all 9 cards for the ultimate super bonus!

“We are thrilled to be distributing this title, created by Andamiro. Early test results have been incredible,” says Electrocoin’s Kevin Weir. “With a licence like this, we have very high expectations.”

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Brace of Bullion Bars

POA | New | 18/05/2016

National distributor RLMS Sales is turning the spotlight this week on a trio of market proven multiplayer games hailing from the undisputed champion of the multiplayer genre, Astra Games. The three models comprise Bullion Bars Streak and Classic and House of Fortune in multi-stake format

The brace of Bullion Bars games – Cat C and Cat C-Lite/D – come housed in the stunning Wow cabinet complete with NV9 note acceptor and based on Pluto 6 technology. For operator convenience, both are TITO compatible. The Cat C-Lite/D version only attracts a five per cent Machine Game Duty adding to the appeal for the operator. Completing this formidable trio is the eye-catching Cat C model House of Fortune. This game is also presented in the stylish Wow cabinet complete with NV9 not acceptor and Pluto 6 technology allied to its TITO compatibility.

Territory Sales Manager Freddie Shreeve explained: “Astra have really turned on the style with these three games. They will undoubtedly have a stunning visual impact on any AGC or bingo location and they have already proven to be a big hit with players too. These games not only look the part, but play the part and are all proven money takers. Not only can operators buy these machines with confidence they won’t have long to wait to start earning from them as we have them in stock right now.”

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Lucky Ladders

POA | New | 11/05/2016

RLMS Sales, part of the NOVOMATIC UK group of companies, has the perfect solution for arcade operators who are seeking to inject some fresh appeal into their locations ahead of the busy summer period. The game in question, Lucky Ladders, hails from the stable of sister company Empire Games, and comes with a host of operator friendly features.

Territory Sales Manager Kevin Bottrill explained more, saying: “Operators of AGCs, FECs and bingo clubs have a fantastic opportunity here to refresh their sites with this great looking and playing game. It’s been presented by Empire in the eye-catching Wow cabinet and comes with Pluto 6 technology and NV9 note acceptor. And, for those operators looking to convert to cashless, the game is TITO compatible.”

Switchable from Cat D to Cat C Lite, Lucky Ladders has been based on the instantly recognisable family board game Snakes and Ladders. Empire has successfully transformed the format into a stunningly visual arcade product comprising a simple style of play. In the base game, players are looking to achieve three of a kind wins, while the top game can be accessed by exchanging reel wins or bringing up three dice anywhere in the window.

“Lucky Ladders will make a colourful and compelling impact on any location where it’s placed,” added Bottrill. “It has presence, playability and all at a price point that’s not going to break the bank.”

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Entnet Recruiting Game Developers

POA | New | 27/04/2016

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