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Lane Master: Unis Games

POA | Used | 25/01/2017

Lane Master from Unis Games was shown on the Instance Automatics stand at EAG.

It is a video bowling alley that makes use of sensors to translate real rolls into the software. The playfield length is the same as on classic alley games.

Lane Master comes with 3 monitors. 1 for each player (the game supports multiplayer), and an additional monitor in the middle marquee area that shows the scores for both players. This monitor also allows the operator to display custom promotional video/image content.

The game uses traditional bowling rules with the overall style of the software matching the sleek neon lights of the physical cabinet. The gameplay is occasionally spiced up with special bonus games that would not be possible in a real life bowling alley.

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Field Service Engineer: Gamestec Leisure Ltd

POA | New | 08/12/2016

Exciting opportunity as a Field Service Engineer with Gamestec Leisure Limited, one of the largest and most progressive suppliers of coin operated amusement equipment throughout the UK. This is a field based role and involves repairing and servicing all Gamestec products at various customer sites throughout the region to the Company standard.

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Amusement Machine Engineer: Bristol

POA | Used | 08/12/2016

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NV200 Spectral – Innovative Technology

POA | New | 15/11/2016

Globally renowned cash handling equipment provider, Innovative Technology Ltd. (ITL) has continued its rapid expansion and is set to introduce a ground-breaking new banknote validator, the NV200 Spectral. The next step in banknote validation equipment will feature incredible sensing technology that has never before been seen in the industry.

In an incredible technological leap, the NV200 Spectral banknote validator is able to capture 100% of a banknote by scanning up to 4.8 million datapoints – a figure that is unmatched by industry competitors. This number is able to be reached due to the full spectral imaging sensors that are built into the validator. The sensors can accurately discern between authentic and counterfeit notes and boast an acceptance rate of new and street grade notes of over 99%.

ITL’s Technology Director, Dr Matthew Strong, said “Incorporating spectral sensors into one of our products has long been a goal held by myself and the Research & Development team. However, until now the technology was not available to meet our ambitions. The optical sensors not only allow us to capture more of the note than ever before but also help us to prevent fraud manipulations. Our unique security feature extraction ability allows us to isolate specific security features within the note and scan them to make 100% sure of the authenticity of banknotes.”

NV200 Spectral retains the unit’s modular design, allowing additional functionalities in the form of add on modules featuring note recycling, ticket printing or a tamper-evident cashbag. Regardless of which modular add-on component is connected to the NV200 Spectral, the unit retains its industry-leading performance. The Spectral version, however, improves on the previous unit’s note-to-note processing speed and is now able to validate notes within two seconds – improving transaction time and operator profitability. The Spectral retains the exact dimensions of its predecessor but is now able to support a 24V power supply.

Matthew continued “The original NV200 was one of our most popular products and in many ways it is difficult to improve upon. However, we’ve managed to build upon our best in class performance and deliver a product that will truly revolutionise the validation industry. There are many times when a new product or feature is overblown but I can honestly say that the Spectral is a game changer. Now that we have been able to harness to power of spectral sensors, we are going to implement this technology into more of our core products to benefit our global customers.”

The NV200 Spectral will continue to support the SMART Payout and SMART Ticket add-on modules, which have been so well-received by our customers. The SMART Payout is a high-quality banknote recycler. The product can store all denominations from a given currency, effectively eradicating coin starvation and reducing the coin float level required to keep machines operational. The SMART Ticket has capitalised on the recent growth in TITO implementation in the Gaming sector, and is designed to provide customers with a printed barcode ticket that can then be exchanged for cash at redemption terminals.

In the last year, the NV200 Spectral has received independent validation from both the European Central Bank (ECB) and the Central Bank of Russia (CBR).  Both banks grant approval to validators that can successfully recognise the difference between genuine and counterfeit banknotes. The unit passed both tests with flying colours and was able to find all required security features, correctly identify them, and reject all manipulated notes. Lead Currency Engineer, Ben Wright commented on

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POA | Used | 02/11/2016

PAC-MAN Smash Slimline has a simplified mechanism but with the same PAC-MAN branding, playfield and PAC-MAN sound effects as the hugely successful PAC-MAN Smash full-siize. “PAC-MAN Smash has been a massive hit for us and due to customer demand we have reduced the size and the price slightly so that it will now fit into even more locations. We expect a massive response to this game,” says James Anderson, Sales & Commercial Director.

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Heber’s Pluto 6 – the best selling gaming controller

POA | Used | 11/10/2016

On stand #5 at the Autumn Coin-Op Show, Heber will be showing off a wide range of gaming controllers including the world-renowned Pluto 6.

Pluto 6 is the workhorse of the embedded gaming controller industry with no other board specified in so many machines. It is a high performance embedded control system with dual video capability and flexible memory options. Pluto 6 features a wide range of standard options that allows control of the application, from reel based machines, casino and gaming machines, as well as video gaming machines.

Pluto 6 can drive up to 8 reels and a substantial 256 lamp and LED matrix. Optional multiplex expansion enables an additional 256 lamps or LEDs, or combination of both. The multiplexed lamp and LED drives on Pluto 6 have individual dimming capabilities.

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Electrocoin After Sales Supports Pintables

POA | Used | 28/09/2016

Electrocoin After Sales has increased its stock holding of Stem Pintable parts to meet increasing demand as a result of the growth in the sales of new Pinball. Electrocoin After Sales, which is part of the Electrocoin Group of Companies has been the UK distributor for Stern Pintball in the UK for over 30 Years.

Electrocoin After Sales Spares Administrator, Nicola Farmer commented “We have seen a recent increase in demand from operators for spare parts and support for the Stern range of pintables. This is due to both the increase in the popularity of pintables and the age of the equipment being operated. Many operators fail to see the need for preventive maintenance but  pinball players are discerning and the cashbox is compromised when the machine does not function correctly.”

Electrocoin After Sales carries a large stock of general pintable spares such as coils, lamps and rubbers along with dedicated spares – all available for next day delivery.  Technical Support is available via email contact at or telephone on 02920 450345.

Visit the Electrocoin After Sales on Stand 26 at the Autumn Coin-Op Show, 12th – 13th October 2016 at Chelsea Football Club in London, where representatives will be available to discuss your current and future requirements.

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New Stage for STAR WARS™: BATTLE POD™ launched

POA | Used | 14/09/2016

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd. has launched a new stage to its hit game Star Wars™: Battle Pod™ based on the latest film instalment Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

“Takodana” is an update for the existing dome-shaped Star Wars: Battle Pod. This new stage can be played in Multi-Player Mode on the Flat Screen Edition Battle Pod.

In “Takodana” the player becomes a Resistance pilot working with Poe Dameron on a mission to guard Leia Organa from the First Order.

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DOND licence comes up trumps again

POA | Used | 10/08/2016

National distributor RLMS Sales is promoting a new offering for the club market in the shape of Bell-Fruit Games’ Club Maximum DEAL OR NO DEAL. Once again, the Nottingham manufacturer has come up trumps with an engaging, feature packed Cat B4 model that will keep players entertained and coming back for more.

Presented in the Eclipse cabinet, Club Maximum DEAL OR NO DEAL is based on Scorpion 6 technology. Two maximum payouts are available; £400 and £250 via a multitude of stake options.

The aim of the game is to collect three, four or five phones for normal, Super or Mega DEAL OR NO DEAL features, while building up reel blasts and cash strikes for extra ways to win. This latest game also features the new “ASK NOEL” button. Press it straight away for lots of extra goodies including wins, features, or even help you survive a hazard.

Territory Sales Manager Karen Sarosi stated: “The popularity of the DEAL OR NO DEAL brand shows no signs of slowing down, as we’ve seen yet again with this new B4 model from Bell-Fruit Games. But what BFG continue to prove is that these are great games in their own right, designed from the ground up to entertain. Club Maximum DEAL OR NO DEAL will be a fantastic addition to any members club.”

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InnoPrint launches hub & server and products

POA | Used | 03/08/2016

InnoPrint, a subsidiary of Innovative Technology (ITL), is pleased to announce the launch of the InnoHub and InnoServer. The two products enable analogue and digital machines to become TITO-ready and have already been subject to extensive field trials to ensure reliability.

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