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POA | New | 09/01/2018

45 years after the original Atari Pong machine hit the streets, the new ATARI PONG® Table has been launched, and Instance Automatics, official suppliers in the UK, will be showcasing it at EAG in London on stand 902.

UNIS has partnered with Calinfer S.A, the inventor of the ATARI PONG® Table to manufacture, market, and sell this product around the world. This fantastic piece of kit was launched at IAAPA in November and the tables were constantly full up with very happy players.

Get to our stand early to try the ATARI PONG® Table and expect to queue – this is a fantastic retro style winner!

Find out more at

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Coconut Shy: UNIS

POA | New | 09/01/2018

One of the latest UNIS redemption pieces, Coconut Shy, will be shown for the first time at EAG Expo in London on the Instance Automatics stand. This sidestall style game gets you to knock down coconuts to win tickets just like at the funfair. There are highlighted coconuts for extra points and if you accumulate enough points you activate the Bonus Wheel.

This eye-catching, simple game, appealing to all the family, will be on stand 902 or find out more at

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TIK-KIT from RLMS Sales and Birthday Blaster

POA | New | 17/12/2017

RLMS Sales and manufacturer Birthday Blaster have been working together on an exciting concept that successfully combines two of the most popular arcade genres to add a thrilling new dimension to a variety of locations. TIK-KIT is a self-contained redemption unit that can be fitted to enhance four, six, eight and 12-player straight-bed pushers and comes in three different themes; Carnival, Casino, and Pirates.

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Innovative Launches Ticket Printer At Shows

POA | New | 13/12/2017

A new 80mm roll ticket printer, RP-80, has been launched by Innovative Technology.

The compact roll printer is ideal for the sports betting and gaming markets because it reduces ticket waste and ensure efficient printing. The unit can be retro-fitted because of its flexible mounting options and it is fast to print with a large ticket capacity.

The company is recognising the rapid rise of ticket-in ticket-out in the gaming and amusement industry and can now offer a range of standalone coupon printers and combined note validator and ticketing solutions.

Said ITL director Chris Robinson: “The unique print mechanism of the RP-80 ensures that tickets are fully printed inside the machine before they are released, so eliminating ticket jams. It has a Seiko print mechanism that is well-proven and a 2MB flash memory and SD card expansion to give unlimited fonts.”

The unit will be at the EAG and ICE shows in the new year.

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Positions Available in 4 Keeday Offices

POA | Used | 01/11/2017

Keeday Leisure is one of the largest independent suppliers of Gaming and Amusement machines in the UK. Based over four locations Leicester, Manchester, Peterborough and Sheffield we have been continuously expanding since 1960. We supply most major pub companies throughout the UK along with free tied venues and pride ourselves of being able to offer unrivalled service, market leading products, and an innovative approach to operating.

Due to this continued success we are currently recruiting to further strengthen our team for the following positions:-

Manchester office


Cash Collector

Cash Collections Supervisor

Business Development Managers

Service Engineers

Sheffield Office

Service Engineers

Cash Collectors

Business Development Managers

Leicester office

Cash collectors

Service Engineers

Business Development Managers

Peterborough office

Cash collectors

Service Engineers

Business Development Managers

In the first instance please send a covering letter and CV to



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Sega & ICE hit new level collaborating on Hoopla

POA | Used | 01/11/2017

ICE and Sega have worked together for the past 8 years with Sega representing and distributing ICE in many countries throughout Europe and Russia, but that relationship has now evolved to both companies working together on the development of Hoopla, the next game in the famous ICE carnival skill wall series.

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Nayax Introduces The PayMarket Kiosk

POA | Used | 31/10/2017

Nayax is excited to introduce the PayMarket Kiosk, a stand-alone kiosk for indoor or outdoor use. Integrated with cashless payment capabilities, PayMarket is suitable for numerous applications giving businesses a flexible solution using customization and enabling consumer engagement. Applications for PayMarket include ticketing, donations, payments, check-in functions (trade fairs, hotels, etc.), self-ordering (QSR) and self-checkout (micro-markets, libraries, etc.).

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Magic Arrow Points to Success!

POA | New | 20/10/2017

Sega has a history of creating world class merchandisers most evident by the global phenomenon Key Master. With the experience bringing that product to the level of success it reached, the company is well placed to launch its next game in that category, Magic Arrow.

Magic Arrow is very easy to understand and will test player’s accuracy – once the game is coined up the target wheel starts spinning, players must carefully aim the arrow at the wheel and with one simple touch of a button launch it towards the wheel. A successful player will get the arrow in one of eight slots, each numbered and relating to a prize.

Sega’s Justin Burke explained that “this game is so simply to grasp and has that “one more try” gameplay appeal that makes it a winner. The size and look of it makes it ideal for all locations”.

The game features simple & intuitive one button control panel, 8 bright LED lit targets, dynamic spinning target to draw bystander’s interest, regular and large prize holders and anti-theft tilt function.

Visitors can experience Magic Arrow and other great prize games from Sega at IAAPA in Florida USA from 14th to 17th November on stand 1606 & 1506.

Pre-order Magic Arrow now, by speaking to Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090; +1 (847) 364-9787;, or contact your local Authorized Sega Distributor.

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Dance Dance Revolution – Konami

POA | New | 18/10/2017

One of the biggest talking points at ACOS aside from the re-arranged location at short notice, was Konami’s eagerly awaited DDRA.

The brand new version of this famous game will be available in a new ‘stunning new white cabinet’ and will have a more sensitive and efficient dance floor. Electrocoin’s John Stergides commented,’ It has been well over 7 years since the last Dance Dance Revolution hit our shores with DDRX2’. Its successor DDRA could be found in Electrocoin’s Booth at the Autumn Coin Op Show and made quite a stir!

With its wide portfolio of music which includes previous DDR libraries and new popular tunes from the likes of Pharrels ‘ Happy’, Ariadne Grande ‘ Break Free’, ‘DDRA will provide a much needed upgrade and impetus into the dance video market for FEC’s’. With full production under way, some of the UK’s biggest FEC Operators are already booking production slots in anticipation of its arrival.  It is scheduled to be available from February/March 2018 and we understand that advance orders will be given priority.

Pictured are John Stergides from Electrocoin and Nick Harding, Steve Ambrose and Borris Lungen from Praesepe

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BAR-X 7even

POA | New | 03/10/2017

RLMS Sales has turned the spotlight this week on a fantastic new product that could offer a much needed solution to the ongoing dilemma facing operators over their popular, but increasingly ageing legacy games. Hailing from the hugely respected Electrocoin stable, BAR-X 7even delivers all the timeless appeal of the original BAR-X phenomenon, but this time round in an ultra-reliable package that makes the most of modern technology.

From a player perspective, BAR-X 7even looks, feels and plays exactly like their favourite original, right down to the beautiful chrome cabinet and instantly familiar branding. Where Electrocoin has struck a major difference is in the build, which now utilises tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology complete with NV9 note acceptor as standard and TITO compatibility. BAR-X 7even is available with a £25 jackpot on 25p/30p play options and is fully compliant with current technical standards.

Territory Sales Manager Jonathan Lauder explained: “The challenge for Electrocoin was to transform one of the most iconic games ever created into a contemporary product that is fit for purpose in today’s operating environment.  And they had to achieve that without losing the key ingredients that made it such a classic in the first place. BAR-X 7even does that brilliantly with its winning combination of retro styling and cutting edge technology.”

He added: “Players will continue to be delighted with a game that has no noticeable difference from the original classic, either in the way it looks or plays. Similarly, operators can be reassured that they have a fully compliant game that will be more reliable and continue to be a firm favourite for future generations of players.”

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