Golden Game: Bell-Fruit Games

POA | New | 16/06/2017

RLMS Sales, working in close alliance with Bell-Fruit Games, has taken the incredibly popular arcade classic, Golden Game, and given it a whole new lease of life. The initiative comes as a direct response to calls from operators seeking a newer, fresher version of this iconic player favourite.

Golden Game three-player offers dual Cat D and Cat C Lite category options and comes presented in the proven three-player WOW cabinet complete with illuminated top box and infill panels and is based on tried and trusted Scorpion 6 technology. Taking its styling and entertainment cues from one of the most successful three-players ever created, it delivers stunningly simple game play and head turning aesthetics.

For ultimate operator convenience, Golden Game features NV9 note acceptors and is available exclusively from RLMS Sales on six-month payment terms meaning that operators are able to pay as they earn.

Key Account Manager Chris Widdowson welcomed the launch, saying: “Golden Game is the perfect example of a brilliant game arising directly out of feedback from the market. We had a large number of customers who were looking to upgrade their original Golden Games which, while proving extremely popular, were being held together by sticking plaster!”

He added: “Through a market feedback session with the games team at Bell Fruit Games the seed for a new Golden Game was first sown. We worked together with the aim of creating a model that would remain steadfastly true to its roots in terms of game play. But on a physical level, the brief was to achieve a look that was fresher, more vibrant and befitting of a 21st Century venue. Just one glance at the finished article and only a few spins of the reels show beyond doubt that the team at Bell-Fruit has delivered magnificently on both counts.”