The Icon Lite

POA | New | 06/07/2016

The Icon Lite is the latest in NSM Music’s hugely successful Icon jukebox range to benefit from rapid advances in jukebox technology – as well as meeting rising expectations among customers.

The wall-mounted Lite is elegantly styled in a black metallic casing creating an attractive and affordable product, says NSM Sales Manager Alex Kirby.

“That technology, coupled with its potential for meeting users’ music and entertainment demands, plus its competitive price, make the Lite a heavyweight when it comes to creating strong revenue streams in pubs, clubs, leisure venues and holiday parks.”

The amplifier and power supply have now been amalgamated, contained within one box. This makes installation and replacement quick and easy.

The amplifier design includes digital noise isolation technology for improved sound clarity and a new chipset which provides intelligent protection features to preserve the jukebox, speakers and cabling. Output data is comparable to the older amp.

Its standard features include Karaoke, 150,000+ audio tracks online; a 19″ infra-red touch screen; HDMI and auxiliary inputs/outputs; multi-function remote control (wired / infrared); Internet ready with optional WiFi.

Created in Germany in the 1950s to produce American-style jukeboxes, Leeds-based NSM Music has gained an enviable reputation for combining aesthetics with innovation. NSM Music were the pioneers of the digital jukebox and actually patented the idea of downloading music via a media source as early as the late 1980s. NSM put the world’s very first digital jukebox into a UK pub in 1998.

“Technology is a wonderful thing but we must always remember that modern customers demand style as well. We’ve been responsible for many technology breakthroughs in the jukebox music industry, ranging from state of the art CD changing devices to the most attractive interactive digital jukeboxes today – we’ve also been responsible for some of the most stylish products ever produced. The Icon Lite is undoubtedly another in a long line of stylish jukeboxes,” adds Alex.