Are analogue AWPs just too boring?

15/11/2017 | No comments

Last week we received the following comment on one of our stories:

“When are we going to get an article titled “Quality of games produced is crippling UK AWP market”? Because that’s what’s doing it. Some companies have been releasing the same game for over 5 years now. No wonder people are fed up. And now with bonus 10 losing exchanges before you finally get a feature.

Why do people gamble? To win money. You remove that chance and wonder why people don’t bother anymore?

I dare say there are other factors at play but the games themselves are the number one reason. And this damage is being done over a number of years. People don’t bother anymore. Everything is the same.

And if something good is released it might not do well on test because the rot has already set in. You could make a game that will over time do really, really well the test process can kill it resulting in manufacturers just copying each other and going low variance to try and scrape a good test figure. The industry is a mess. Stop blaming other factors. Look closer to home first.”

So – never one to shy away from controversy – Coin-op Community asked around. Industry stalwart IGaming’s Stephen Robins commented, “I agree with the previous comments. A lack of competition in manufacturing will ultimately lead to complete stagnation. This in conjunction with unimaginative legislation will cripple the sector. Perhaps it’s time to ignite the younger players with more lifestyle products, esports for example.”

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Daytona wins Prestigious Brass Ring Award for Best New Product

15/11/2017 | No comments

Sega Amusements International are the proud winners of the prestigious Brass Ring award for Daytona Championship USA, for Best New Product in the Arcade & Video Games Category.

Upon receiving the award Paul Williams, CEO at Sega, commented “This is an amazing start to IAAPA 2017, we are delighted by the award and humbled by the industries recognition for our innovation and the quality of entertainment delivered by Daytona.”

Daytona has been at the top of operators buying list, thanks to the instant re-match feature that players right back into the game thus boosting repeat play. The great looking cabinet design features a video billboard and unique under seat engine features, lit top to bottom the game attracts player’s attention in any location. Players love the game for its superb handling, fun game play, 4-way gear shifter. The operator friendly Tournament and Party mode are very popular amongst operators too.

Sega Amusements International would like to thank the IAAPA awards committee for awarding Daytona Championship USA the new product brass ring award.

To order Daytona now speak to Sega on +44 (0)208 391 8090; +1 (847) 364-9787;, or contact your local Authorized Sega Distributor.

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Innovative Technology Ltd welcomes Laura Parker, Sales Support Administrator

14/11/2017 | No comments

Innovative Technology Ltd (ITL) is delighted to welcome Laura Parker to their Sales Support Team, based at the Head Office in Oldham, UK. Laura joined ITL in August as Sales Support Administrator and is responsible for processing orders, tracking shipments, account management and other general customer sales support activities. 

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Win an iPad and other Prizes on Sega’s Booth 1606 at IAAPA

10/11/2017 | No comments

Final preparations are underway at Sega as the company looks to showcase a wide lineup of games at IAAPA, from 14th to 17th November on booth 1506 and 1606 at the Orange County Convention Center, in Orlando, USA. Sega’s Lester Travasso explains:

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Gambling Business Group develop cashless payment solution

10/11/2017 | No comments

The Gambling Business Group (GBG) in partnership with Agile Gaming, has completed the development of a cashless payment system designed for the UK AGC and Bingo sectors. With the use of debit card payments in gaming currently prohibited by a Statutory Instrument introduced as part of the 2005 Gambling Act, the GBG has produced a system that processes debit card transactions via an ATR intermediary kiosk. 

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TouchTunes predict key income generation role for Playdium App

10/11/2017 | No comments

By 2019, 20% of Playdium’s cash box income in the UK will be derived from the TouchTunes App, according to forecasts produced by the company. The calculation, which illustrates the importance of providing contemporary jukebox users with a mobile App interface, is based on current usage levels in the UK and the rate of take-up in the US where the App has over 800,000 unique users who are active every month.

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Second UK ‘VR Zone Portal’ Opens in Tunbridge Wells

07/11/2017 | No comments

BANDAI NAMCO Amusement Europe Ltd (BNAE) is pleased to announce the opening of the second VR Zone Portal™ in the UK, at Hollywood Bowl Tunbridge Wells, Kent.

Earlier this year, BNAE opened their first Virtual Reality location outside of Japan – in the new Hollywood Bowl at London’s high profile O2 – which was the first location to be chosen outside of Japan to begin the roll out of ‘VR ZONE Portal™’ worldwide to maximize this innovative technology globally.

VR Zone Portal™ Tunbridge Wells within the newly branded Hollywood Bowl in Kent hosts three Bandai Namco Virtual Reality titles: Argyle Shift, Hospital Escape Terror, and the premier release outside of Japan of ‘The Big Fear of Heights Experience’.

Hospital Escape Terror sees players completely restrained within a wheelchair in a creepy, deserted hospital ward. All participants must work together to escape a horrifying fate. Argyle Shift places the player as a test pilot on a mission to drop a space ship into a designated zone, with the help of ‘Eine’ an Artificial Intelligence humanoid friend.

The Big Fear of Heights Experience is a true test of the player’s nerve. Upon entering an elevator of a city hotel, the participant, who is wearing a headset but is free to move around, ascends 200m to the 40th floor way above a busy city. Upon exiting, they must walk across a narrow plank to rescue a kitten – physically pick it up with the wind and sounds of the traffic below and return with it to the ground floor.

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BANDAI NAMCO Reveals Road Map for Success at IAAPA

05/11/2017 | No comments

The IAAPA Show is effectively a road map for the company going forward into the next year and as such there will be a large number of titles on show on the BANDAI NAMCO booth 1000. These include everything from mechanical redemption games through to the latest VR developments.

Visitors to the stand at IAAPA will be able to see a preview of the VR Zone experience from the Shinjuku Japan location for themselves, and hear more about the roll out of locations including the ones in the UK in London and Tunbridge Wells in Kent.

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World of Rides Will Exhibit at the Farm & Holiday Park Show

05/11/2017 | No comments

Three to twelve-year-old children have always been the biggest single influence when choosing a family day-out or holiday destination, and pollution-free battery rides remain the most popular children’s rides in leisure destinations, as they are fully interactive, terrific fun, hugely profitable…. and they can be safely operated either indoors or outdoors, whatever the weather!

The UK’s longest established manufacturer and distributor, World of Rides, has the largest C.E. & H.S.E. approved range Go-Karts, Racing Cars, Quadbikes, Trikes, Tractors, Farm Animals, Driving Schools, Off-Road Cars, Bumper Cars, and Bumper Boats available for every Farm Park and Holiday Park operator!

They will also be launching their brand new FUTURE BIKE with fully interactive LED wheel and underbody displays!

You can view a sample of their range of rides on Stand No 911 in Hall 9 at the Farm & Holiday Park Innovation Exhibition, 8th & 9th November at Birmingham NEC, or on their web site:



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SUZOHAPP in full force at IAAPA

01/11/2017 | No comments

SUZOHAPP is ready for the upcoming IAAPA Attractions Expo, the largest international tradeshow for the amusements and attractions industry. IAAPA will take place at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, from November 14th through November 17th. 

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