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Bridlington Arcade Forced to Pay £300 to 8-year-old

Wednesday 27th July 2016

Forum Amusements in Bridlington has been ordered to pay more than £300 to an eight-year-old girl.

Kayleigh Anderson, of Hull, claims her daughter spent over £300 in the arcade over a week and despite winning enough tickets to secure one of the top prizes at the redemption counter, was continuously turned away by the staff.

“My daughter put a year’s worth of savings into her piggy bank,” Ms Anderson said. “She won over 13,000 tickets, which is a lot to have, and she was desperate to have the prizes they had on offer. But when she went to get it, they just said they were pricing the items up and she’d have to go back the next day. They kept on saying that until her holiday ended. They wouldn’t let her have the prizes she had won, and they wouldn’t get in contact with me.”

Ms Anderson said she had been repeatedly “fobbed off” as she tried to contact the arcade manager and had no option but to take the amusements arcade to Hull County Court. The court ruled the company had to pay the family £340 by July 4, but Ms Anderson claims she is still waiting to receive the money.





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