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G Squared Launches Innovative Playgo App

Wednesday 17th January 2018

A solution for the problem of going cashless on AWPs has long flummoxed the industry – however – G Squared Games believes it may have come up with the answer. The Playgo App works as a virtual wallet on your smart phone and once it is downloaded, it is possible for the player to load funds from a bank account and then communication is established with the machine via a QR code – funds can be transferred to and from the App – and importantly limits on spending can be set.

The App features information on problem gambling and offers the option of self exclusion – so effectively bypasses the main issues and concerns that the Gambling Commission have raised. John Powell from G Squared doesn’t rule out the possibility of making the App available to other manufacturers of machines via a licence system and says that G Squared is already in talks with the leading retailers who have expressed a keen interest in moving forward with the project.

Image: Jonathan Powell demonstrates the App on stand 340

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