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Sega’s European Launch for Two new ICE Games

Wednesday 18th January 2017

At this years EAG, Sega Amusement International have launched two new games from the world-leading redemption manufacturer ICE who have created hit after hit with the likes of Down the Clown, Milk Jug Toss, Whack n Win and inspired many operators to develop the now famous ‘Skill Wall’.

The first game ‘Bean Bag Toss’ fits right into that skill wall and continues on that classic carnival concept. Simple and intuitive, ‘Bean Bag Toss’, has players toss bean bags into target holes on a revolving disc, with the added feature of allowing them to score extra points by getting three holes of the same colour in a row. Sega’s Justin Burke commented, “this game has instant ‘satisfaction factor’ as soon as you throw that first bag, just like Down the Clown the player knows exactly what to do straight away and its good old fashioned fun…timeless!”

The second ICE game to debut is “Screwball”, a fast paced redemption game that also needs no instruction to play. Players spin the paddle controller aiming to get 16 balls into all the available holes in the time given – it’s a frenzy! Burke continued “this game has got a real ‘I wanna play again’ factor and draws a spectating crowd who want to play next”. With two levels of play and an attractive domed cabinet, this will fit into any FEC beautifully.


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