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Gamestec Playnation Group off to a flying start

Thursday 19th January 2017

Peter Davies, Managing Director of Gamestec and Playnation, has set out a future facing strategy for 2017 and beyond that will see both national operating firms working more closely and efficiently to provide a world class service for their customers. While not formally merged, the two companies will be identified collectively as the Gamestec Playnation Group. They will, however, continue to operate as separate businesses.

Key to Davies’ strategy is the formation of a brand new senior executive operational team that spans both Gamestec and Playnation. The team will work tightly together to support both businesses and will seek to enhance collaboration and team effort across the Gamestec Playnation Group.

It comprises Peter Collinge, Chief Operations Officer, Gamestec Playnation Group; Andrew Brown, Finance Director, Gamestec Playnation Group; Rod Hyde, Commercial Director, Gamestec Playnation Group; Neil Lancaster, People and Social Responsibility Director, Gamestec Playnation Group; Stuart Green, Operations Director, Playnation; Lee Jefferson, Sales & Marketing Director, Gamestec; and Barry Knowles, Business Development Director, Playnation.

In terms of responsibility Collinge will oversee all combined operations of Gamestec Playnation Group as Chief Operations Officer. Stuart Green will have specific responsibility for the Playnation Resorts and Leisure businesses supporting the COO. Andrew Brown will have control over finance functions of both Gamestec and Playnation. Rod Hyde will look after product and merchandise procurement, asset utilisation and product management across Gamestec and Playnation.

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